Our Spa Covers

Wellcome to Illusion Spa Covers 

At Illusion Spa Covers we offer two different styles of Spa Covers, we have 12 colors to choose from (Russet, Light Gray, Storm Gray, Charcoal Gray, Walnut, Palomino, Horizon Blue, Mid-Blue, Forest Green, Teal, Almond, Brown/Redwood and Tan/Palomino. Also we offer accessories, spa cover lifters, steps and spa cover cleaners .

There are many upgrades available.

  1. Foam thickness is 5″ x 3″  or 4″ x 2″ taper which allows rain and snow to run off.
  2. Foam Upgrades from 1 pound foam to a 2 pound foam
  3. We use the highest grade marine vinyl with UV and mildew resistance.
  4. We use a metal reinforcement to add strength.
  5. All foam is wrapped with our own hands, we hand seal the plastic to avoid to waterlogged. Also a double wrap is available.
  6. 4 lockable CHILD SAFETY tied downs to for security.
  7. Our covers will have a 4 year warranty.
  8. Illusion spa covers guarantees the vest quality spa cover at the best price