Our Spa Covers

Illusion Spa Covers

All of Illusion Spa Covers are manufactured using virgin foam core to save you money and provide you a stronger, and more durable, each foam core insert is hand help sealing machines with a poly vapor moisture barrier to protect your spa cover against water absorption and using high quality 100% UV virgin vinyl and mildew protected.

We take pride in providing our customer spa cover that last longer and perform better than any other spa cover manufactured.

  1. Foam thickness is 5″ x 3″ or 4″ x 2″ taper which allows rain and snow to run off.
  2. Foam Upgrades from 1 pound foam to a 2-pound foam
  3. We use the highest-grade marine vinyl with UV and mildew resistance.
  4. We use a metal reinforcement to add strength.
  5. All foam is wrapped with our own hands, we hand seal the plastic to avoid to waterlogged.
  6. 4 lockable CHILD SAFETY tied downs to for security.
  7. Our covers will have a 3-year warranty.
  8. Illusion spa covers guarantees the vest quality spa cover at the best price.
  9. The weight on a spa cover range between 75LB to 125LB depends on the density of the foam.

Measuring Tips

When measuring your spa make sure you measure the full length and width from the outside of the acrylic, if you are measuring the spa cover make sure the cover fits properly on the spa. When measuring a spa cover with rounded corners, use a carpenter’s framing ruler square out the Spa or you could get a diagonal measurement from the middle the radius corner.

Any question please give us a call at 951 352-0989.